Being a Father 

She gives me a kiss, a love that I hadn’t fathomed blows me away. Her love is pure, her intentions bare, she loves her father & she got no reason to lie. As she lay on my chest while watching the Sun go down, her heart beats & the wind blows on my face mingled with sand. The sea tide is rising, the cold breeze is hardly a bother.

The tides on my feet now, the sun barely kissing the horizon. She a sleep now. Wow! I had no idea being a father was as merry as this. 

She has her moods & she gains a personality, where’s my child that lay calm and still! Haha what a handful she becoming, becoming grown and full of life. She scribbles and mumbles, she tags and pulls, she kicks and screams haha what a grown girl she becoming !

“Daddy” she says! Her mum jealous that mummy is not said enough, but daddy’s fine with me haha 

The Weee’s and Pooo’s, the screams and Nooo’s, the highs and the Lows you are always in my heart my daughter ! 


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