‘Super Food’ New or recycled knowledge

img_0279Greetings, Peace and Love to you, Lets get on with it. ‘Super food !’ a catch word caught my attention a few years ago. This was at a time when undergoing a major transformation as a whole, my body decided that was it with eating other animals, why? I don’t know why, it happened and I for one did not dare to come between my bodies choice. Perusing through countless websites, Blogs, Channels the hip word in health was super food(s).

lets take a trip, (portal opens and you are in Kenya, a nation in the continent known as Africa, Alkebulan or whatever name ye choose) the year is 1989 or thereabouts, I’ve just been playing football(soccer) with 3/4 of the neighbourhood boys, these were simple times from my perspective, the suns blazing hot and by 3pm my tummy’s calling out to be soothed by some kind of nourishment, anything that fills the plate will be fine by me at this point!….

A voice shouts out from one of the buildings that we called home, this voice was a familiar one, and so it should have been, the voice vibrated through my bones and found its way home to my conscious mind that made me freeze in situ. I knew what time it was, bebe was calling me(that’s the don herself ,mama) I’ve heard this voice before I could see with my physical eyes. For 9 months all I heard was this voice and now it was calling me home and I knew good things always come when she calls me by my nick name!

Before I got up the stair cases my sensory organ located in the middle of my face picked up a scent well familiar, without a doubt I knew Bebe had been to the markets, consequently it was Fish being served and not just any Fish but a particular kind of Fish, catfish. Lets fast forward before I bore you with the finer details, although important they are. served with this fish was a kind of Vegetable(Vegetation on a table) known as I found out as Kale, in Kenya we called it ‘Sukuma Weeki’ meaning ‘push though the week’. it was one of the cheapest vegetable you could buy from the street market for cheap! its the kind of Vegetable you were sure to be served anywhere and everywhere without a doubt.

Kale was/is the veggie for those who were not deep in pockets, yet these cheap Veggies unbeknown to us was packed full of nutrition. Flesh or some of you say meat, was very expensive those times and was reserved only for special occasions or weekends, family gatherings, church group meetings at home etc. After meals we would generally trickle back outdoors for more football or endless talks about everything. What’s all this got to do with Superfood! Well what is superfood? Is there anything as superfood? How does a food qualify to be superfood or not? A superfood in Northern Americas can be normal if not low socio-economic food in Southern Americas. What we deem superfood is only deemed as, because somebody somewhere thought it so.

Been around in cycles, without doubt I know simplicity is Queen. Nothing beats simplicity. Healthy living doesn’t have to be expensive to have full benefits. Organic foods are a rarity yes, but think about these words we using right. what is Organic food anyway? Isn’t ALL foods suppose to be ‘Organic’ anyway. Lets look at some definitions:


ORGANIC from Oxford Dictionary online

  1. Relating to or derived from living matter: “organic soils”
  2. (of food or farming methods) produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals. “organic farming” “organic meat”
  3. Relating to a body organ or Organs
  4. Denoting or characterised by a harmonious relationship between the elements of a whole: ” the organic unity of the integral work of art”

ORGANIC from Webster’s Dictionary Unabridged Second Ed. 1955

[Latin Organicus, from Organum]

  1. of or having to do with an organ
  2. inherent; inborn; constitutional
  3. organised systematically arranged
  4. (a) Designating or of any chemical compound containing carbon: some of the simple compounds of carbon, as carbon dioxide, are frequently classified as inorganic compounds (b) designating or of the branch of chemistry dealing with carbon compounds
  5. of having characteristic of or derived from LIVING ORGANisms
  6. in law, fundamental; as. the organic law of the united states is the constitution
  7. in medicine, producing or involving alteration in the structure of an organ: opposed to functional
  8. in philosophy, having a complex but necessary interrelationship of parts similar to that of living things…..

well enough with the definitions, if you have read this far lets get to the meat of it. Superfood supposably means food that is ‘greater’ in nutrition than others. I love my fruits and vegetables, and like most I show favour in some than others, we forget we are talking about living ORGANisms. What is in these plants that’s the big deal, do plants eat ? I’m no scientist but i study NATURE which essentially equates to science, the study of Nature. No animal on mother earth has an array to chose from in terms of food as human. Its easy to see how we get carried away with the aesthetics of what we call food.

Lets go deep in this rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland. Starting with the bottle that say “DRINK ME”  that makes Alice shut up like a telescope, and a cake “EAT ME” that turns her into a giant… Our bodies know what she/he needs its just civilization has dumbed down this knowing, gut feeling or intuition. All animals know what they need to survive except humans, we need to be told what to eat, when to eat, how to eat, what time to eat, where to eat. The human being has been flung of course, derailed and detained in the confines of a mega zoo we call modernisation.

Look at any animal, wild animals not domesticated ones like humans, they know when to sleep and when to wake up, when to stretch and when to rest, when to be active and when to be inactive, they don’t need no superfood, they don’t know what is superfood and yet their senses far supersede humans, some know when its going to rain and act accordingly, most know when the mama Earth is going to tremble and shake off some steam and they move on to calmer areas. see the trend yet? Humans need machines to tell then time, machines to see far, machines to talk to each other, machines to move on the earth, machines to lift things got your attention yet?

Back to where we started i know not why i chose to live this path, I’m being. This Human shell should be an Organ playing good music and of harmonious relationship WHOLE, although expressing complex but necessary relations. Eat vegetables and fruits nuts and seeds simple, Eat the sun, eat the wind, the air we breath isn’t that a form of nutrition ?







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